Eachine VR D2 Pro – Upgraded FPV Goggles

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These are the new Eachine FPV Goggles, which are an upgrade to the popular VR D2s. You can get them here for $80, and use code ‘DONCU7’ to get 9% off!


There is not really any difference between the original and upgraded bodies, as both have the exact same design. In fact, the ‘UPGRADE’ sticker on the Pros is actually covering up two holes from the previous version, as the buttons aren’t used on the newest model.

The antennas are also the same, however there has been upgrades to the head strap and battery holder, making it more comfy.

The battery is also the same 2S, 2200mah as was on the original, and this lasts for about 3 hours of use. We still have the adjustable lens, however this time the actual face plate is bigger, so it feels better on your head, and blocks out more light.


Here are the specs:   

Screen Size: 5 inch
Resolution: 800×480
Recording Resolution : VGA(640*480),D1(720*480),HD(1280*480)
Channels: 40CH 5.8GHz
Battery: 2S Lipo battery
Battery life: 2.5-3 hours
Receiver sensitivity: -95dBM
Antenna connector: RP-SMA
Mushroom Antenna:  RHCP, 6dBi
Panel Antenna: 6dBi
DVR: Max 64GB Card
Weight: 285g

The main update on these, however, is in the electronics. We now have an auto-scan feature, which is much better than manually cycling through channels to find the right one. Along with this we actually have an OSD within the goggles (which doesn’t get recorded by the DVR) and this tells us the operating voltage of our battery, the current frequency channel we are on, and also how strong our connection is to the VTX, from both antennas. You can see on the image that the connection is at about 50%.



The original were a good set of box goggles, and these could push that to being great. The updates, whilst minimal, do add to usability and ease of control, and it’s nice to be able to have a physical view of your VTX connection. I would recommend these to anyone as a first (or even second) pair of cheap goggles, however if you have the originals, there is not much point upgrading just yet. I’d wait for a possible version 3 before getting another pair.


As always, you can check out their performance here:







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