Eachine Lizard 95 – Great for Anyone!

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This is a new 95mm Micro from Eachine, and I really think it’s a good piece of kit. It’s the easiest quad I’ve ever set up, so everyone will love how quickly you can get this in the air. You can find it here for £100.


So here is all the kit in the box, including spare props and tools, and some spare elastic bands for holding the camera in place. There is no Micro USB connection on the FC, however we can connect to BetaFlight using a USB to JST-XH which is provided.


This is stupidly easy to set up, and actually comes with a booklet showing how to set it up for any transmitter, from binding all the way to OSD set up (which is so easy in BetaFlight). Even the channel maps were pre-set when I first bound my transmitter, so this is really user friendly.



The motors do pack a punch, and I would probably say are too fast for flying indoors. They’re 1104, so could maybe push a 4S, but I’ll have to try that out. It does scream on the provided 3S though. Here are the specs:

Weight: 66g
FC: Betaflight F3 Flight controller built-in OSD
Motors: Eachine 1104 KV6000 brushless motor
Props: 50mm 5-blade
Camera: 600TVL HD CMOS 1/4inch
VTX: 5.8GHz 25MW/100MW Switchable 48CH NTSC/PAL
Battery: 11.1V 550mah 40C XT30
OSD: BetaFlight OSD
Rear LED



I think the PIDs need tuning quite a bit, but other than that it flies great and has a lot of speed when you max this out. The LEDs look great and can be seen from quite a way off, and the buzzer is reasonably loud.



You can see that the carbon fibre clover leaf protectors didn’t last long, and actually broke on the second crash. While they were a good idea, they were only connected by a very small section of carbon, which easily snaps under pressure. Also the props were a little weak, so I would suggest getting branded ones.


Overall though this is a great quad with a lot of potential, and is just so easy to get flying. It could be suitable for a beginner, but has enough power for any experienced pilot to have a lot of fun with this. You can see how it flies here:


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